College of Sciences Directory

An organization chart is available (PDF format, 81KB)

Room numbers refer to the College of Sciences dean’s office in Tech Tower, unless otherwise indicated.
Name Title Phone Email Office
Juan Archila Director of Facilities & Capital Planning 404.894.8745 212 WS-E
Matt Baker Associate Dean for Faculty Development 404.894.0613 246
Kristin Berthold Director of Finance 404-385-0645 205B
Emma Blandford Assistant Director, Living Learning Communities - College of Sciences 404.385.5591 Folk Hall 001
Dian A. Chung Director of Administration 404.894.8584 202
David M. Collard Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry 404.894.7532 202
Stephanie S. Curry Financial Manager II 404.385.2419 205A
Ashley Edwards Academic Program Manager 404.894.3301 244
Courtney Ferencik Director of Development 404.894.3529 204C
Justin Filoseta Director of Information Technology 404.894.7385 208
Erin Green Development Associate 404.894.5260 204 WS-3
Julia Kubanek Associate Dean for Research 404.894.0326 248
Jennifer K. Leavey Integrated Science Curriculum Coordinator 404.385.7229 Clough 365A
Lew E. Lefton Assistant Dean for Information Technology 404.385.0052 209
Susan Lozier College of Sciences Dean and Betsy Middleton and John Clark Sutherland Chair
Erin Nagle Faculty Affairs Administrative Manager 404.894.8585 234A
Keith L. Oden Director of Academic Diversity 404.894.8163 251
Son T. Quach Senior IT Support Professional 404.385.1463 212 WS-B
A. Maureen Rouhi Director of Communications 404.385.5207 204A
Renay San Miguel Communications Officer II 404.894.5209 204 WS-1
Michael Sheldon Associate Director of Web Services 404.385.2590 212
Kathy Sims Development Assistant 404.385.2620 204 WS-5
Neesia Smith Faculty Support Coordinator 404.385.5656 215
J. Cameron Tyson Assistant Dean for Academic Programs 404.385.0418 242
Aisha Z. Webb Faculty Support Coordinator for the Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons 404.385.3183 Clough 365B
Shikina Wiley Financial Administrator III 404.385.7014 203 WS-C