Amanda Stockton @ Ask An Astrobiologist

The interactive talk show "Ask An Astrobiologist" features Amanda Stockton in the Sept. 25, 2018, episode.

Stockton is an assistant professor in the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Her research comprises three astrtobiology-related themes: analysis of extraterrestrial organic molecules in the search for life beyond Earth, fingerprinting life at Earth’s extremes, and exploring the origins of biomolecules and the emergence of life.

A primary thrust of the first theme is the development of in situ instrumentation to go out and directly examine the organic chemical environment in the extraterrestrial environment itself through landed instruments (e.g. for Mars), fly-by instruments (e.g. for Enceladus), and impactor instruments (e.g. for Europa and small bodies). 

Stockton will answer questions from host Sanjay Jom and those submitted via Twitter, Facebook, and

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  • Tuesday, 2018, September 25 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm

SAGANet Chat Room,

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