Where You Can Get Eclipse Glasses on Aug. 21

Distribution will be in high-traffic areas

In exactly one week, the great American eclipse of Aug. 21, 2017, will sweep across the U.S. The Georgia Tech campus has geared up for a safe and enjoyable eclipse experience, beginning with the distribution of solar-eclipse glasses.

The first safety rule is never to look at the sun directly without special eye protection. Direct viewing can cause permanent eye damage.

For this reason, the College of Sciences and the Office of Undergraduate Education have teamed up to make available solar-eclipse glasses to the Georgia Tech community. We have plenty, but if not enough, we highly encourage sharing so everyone can view the solar sensation safely.

The glasses will be distributed at 12-1 PM on eclipse day, Aug. 21, 2017, at six locations across campus:

  • In front of Barnes and Noble in Tech Square
  • Under the Binary Bridge near Noonan Courtyard
  • At the atrium side of Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons
  • On Tech Walkway in front of the Starbucks side of Clough Commons and Skiles Building
  • In front of the Student Center
  • By the Einstein statue

After 1 PM, check for availability at Kessler Campanile.

Look for the distribution signs, and take note of the guidelines for safe viewing.

  • Inspect solar-eclipse glasses before use. Discard if shade is torn, punctured, or in any way separated from the frame.
  • Do not use with binoculars, telescopes, or cameras.
  • Do not use continuously for more than 3 minutes.
  • While using solar-eclipse glasses, do not move around, drive a motor vehicle or operate machinery.
  • Do not use solar-eclipse glasses with a diseased eye or after eye surgery.
  • Refer to solar-eclipse glasses for more information.         

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For More Information Contact

A. Maureen Rouhi, Ph.D.
Director of Communications
College of Sciences