B.S. Neuroscience
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Pre-health, Research and Business Options

Degree options
Pre-health, Research and Business

Students may complete a Health and Medical Sciences (as a Breadth Elective specialization) which includes classes that are typically required for admission to medical, veterinary, dental, nursing and physical therapy programs. This option includes a full year of biology, general chemistry and organic chemistry, as opposed to the minimum requirements for the neuroscience degree (one semester each for biology, general chemistry and organic chemistry), along with English and mathematics.  Students complete the pre-health courses within the 122-credit program of study.

Students completing the College of Sciences Business Option take 15 credits of coursework in business, management and economics. One course (three credits) counts toward the Neuroscience Elective requirement and the other credits are counted as free electives so that a student can still complete the degree with 122 credits.