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Bernard Schutz
Schutz, an adjunct professor in the School of Physics, member of the Center for Relativistic Astrophysics, professor at Cardiff University, and former director and founding director of the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute), is the recipient of top honors from the world's oldest independent scientific academy. Schutz is elected for seminal contributions to relativistic astrophysics, including driving the field of gravitational wave searches — helping lead to their direct detection in 2015.
Georgia Tech 2021 College of Sciences Student Awards
Six students in the College of Sciences are honored with 2021 awards for significant accomplishments during a challenging school year. 
Jessica Kilpatrick is a graduating with a degree in psychology and a minor in health and medical sciences.
Kilpatrick, who is graduating with a degree in psychology and minor in health and medical sciences, shares that her path to a top-rated physician assistant program has been all about balancing academics and her own health — plus a lot of fun memories working with Georgia Tech Football as head student athletic trainer. 
Brady Bove is a graduating student majoring in biomedical engineering with a minor in leadership studies and a certificate in cognitive psychology.
Brady Bove reflects on biomedical engineering, leadership studies, cognitive psychology, senior design, meeting friends and her fiancé, and a favorite Georgia Tech memory — involving classical physics and a box of Sublime Doughnuts on a Friday night. 
Yassin Watson is a graduating student with dual degrees in biology and industrial engineering, plus dual minors in social justice and physiology.
Watson, who is graduating with dual degrees in biology and industrial engineering, plus dual minors in social justice and physiology, shares six years of adventures at Tech and exploring the intersections between biology, engineering, health and wellness, and outer space. 
Maria Zulfiqar is graduating with a degree in psychology with the research option.
Zulfiqar, who is graduating with a degree in psychology with the research option, discusses life at Georgia Tech — as a transfer student and the first woman in her family to graduate from college.
A collection of "BOBbots" in motion (Credit: Shengkai Li, Georgia Tech)
Inspired by a theoretical model of particles moving around on a chessboard, new robot swarm research led by Georgia Tech shows that, as magnetic interactions increase, dispersed “dumb robots” can abruptly gather in large, compact clusters to accomplish complex tasks. Researchers report that these “BOBbots” (behaving, organizing, buzzing bots) are also capable of collectively clearing debris that is too heavy for one alone to move, thanks to a robust algorithm.

Experts In The News

  • Do other animals get heart attacks?

    For the most part, animals don't get heart attacks — not even one of our closest living relatives, chimpanzees. Nonhuman animals experience other cardiac problems, but as far as scientists know, heart attacks are rare in other creatures. One of the scientists looking into this is Flavio Fenton, professor in the School of Physics, who has conducted extensive research into cardiac dynamics in humans and animals. 

    LiveScience, May 9, 2021

  • BOBbots: Simple Robots, Smart Algorithms

    A team of researchers led by Dana Randall, ADVANCE Professor in the College of Computing, and Daniel Goldman, Dunn Family Professor in the School of Physics, sought to show that even the simplest of robots can still accomplish tasks well beyond the capabilities of one, or even a few, of them. (This item is a reprint of a College of Sciences story on Goldman's research using "BOBbots.")

    SciTechDaily , May 8, 2021

  • Georgia Tech students recognized as Student Sustainability Champions

    The inaugural Student Sustainability Champion Award went to Thiago Esslinger. Thiago is President of Students Organizing for Sustainability (SOS), a student organization dedicated to promoting the awareness and implementation of sustainable practices. He is also the Residential Sustainability Engagement Assistant leading the EcoReps sustainability ambassador program for Resident Advisors and co-founded the student action groups Fridays for Future GT and GT Divestment from Fossil Fuels.  

    Campus Sustainability, May 5, 2021

  • BOBbots are tiny robots able to perform tasks as a group

    Researchers from Georgia Tech have been conducting experiments designed to show the simplest of robots can still accomplish tasks. The team created a group of robots they call BOBbots, which stands for “behaving, organizing, buzzing bots.” One of the researchers in Dan Goldman, Dunn Family Professor in the School of Physics

    SlashGear, May 4, 2021


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