College of Sciences

College of Sciences

Helping students build empowering foundations in the sciences and mathematics.

Transporting students to the frontiers of human knowledge and inviting them to push its boundaries.

Educating and preparing the next generation of scientists who will create the technologies of the future.

Statue of Einstein on Georgia Tech campusWhy study sciences and mathematics?

  • You possess a curious mind that likes to investigate.
  • You want to make discoveries that can change how we see the world.
  • You plan to attend a top-ranked graduate or professional school.
  • You intend to apply scientific discoveries to solving real-world problems.
Atlanta Skyline and Tech Tower

Why Georgia Tech?

To get a rigorous education that you can tailor to your interests.

To learn from and train with the top professors in your chosen field.

To experience the excitement of discovery in state-of-the-art facilities.

To live in a vibrant, connected community in one of the most tech-savvy cities in the U.S.—Atlanta.

Latest News From the College of Sciences

College of Sciences Fall 2018 Graduates
We can't wait to see what comes next for you!
The Journal of Organic Chemistry, December 2018 cover (Courtesy ACS Publications)
Latest chemistry lands on the cover of The Journal of Organic Chemistry.
Clownfish in anemone
Why the fish-killing anemone spares the clownfish is a scientific mystery that Georgia Tech marine microbiologists are now tackling in fish mucus.
A Panama City resident forced out of his home
External News: Kim Cobb talks to Vice about the disastrous effects of climate change.
External News: Kim Cobb leads climate scientists in challenging the AGU's decission to honor ant-environment senator.

Upcoming Events

24 to 28
Georgia Tech is closed on Dec. 24-28, 2018
11 to 13
The 2019 Martin Luther King Jr. Campus Celebration begins with a tour of historical destinations in Alabama.
Distinguished Lecture: Einstein on Politics, featuring Robert Schulmann
28 to 29
SCMB Annual Symposium January 28-29, 2019 at Marcus Nanotechnology Building
07 to 08
A two-day conference for faculty, research scientists, postdocs, and graduate students.