College of Sciences

College of Sciences

Helping students build empowering foundations in the sciences and mathematics.

Transporting students to the frontiers of human knowledge and inviting them to push its boundaries.

Educating and preparing the next generation of scientists who will create the technologies of the future.

Why study sciences and mathematics?

Statue of Einstein on Georgia Tech campusWhy study sciences and mathematics?

  • You possess a curious mind that likes to investigate.
  • You want to make discoveries that can change how we see the world.
  • You plan to attend a top-ranked graduate or professional school.
  • You intend to apply scientific discoveries to solving real-world problems.

Why Georgia Tech?

Atlanta Skyline and Tech Tower

Why Georgia Tech?

To get a rigorous education that you can tailor to your interests.
To learn from and train with the top professors in your chosen field.
To experience the excitement of discovery in state-of-the-art facilities.
To live in a vibrant, connected community in one of the most tech-savvy cities in the U.S.—Atlanta.

Latest News

Pamela Peralta-Yahya with Ph.D. student Emily Yasi and research associate Widianti Sugianto (Photo by Renay San Miguel)
New high-throughput screen revealed hordenine’s activity.
JC Gumbart, associate professor in the School of Physics.
JC Gumbart explains the power of molecular simulations in ScienceMatters Season 3 Episode 9.
Award-winning undergraduate researchers Kelsey Walker (left) and Peace Olaniran
Mentees of Nasrin Hooshmand win awards in scientific meetings.
All star cast at the ASTOUNDING ELEMENTS exhibit opening (Photo by Renay San Miguel)
"The essence and beauty of science is that it is a collective effort that spans generations," Dean Lozier said in remarks at the opening of the 'ASTOUNDING ELEMENTS' exhibit in the Georgia Tech Library. 
Mercury Transit 2019 (Credit: NASA)
Telescopes on Howey Building roof offer chance to view rare celestial event on Nov. 11.


Two Ph.D. students in the College of Sciences make it to the competition's final round.
A Planetary Science & Astrobiology Seminar by Amanda Stockton
09 to 13
Researchers from Israel, France, and US will gather to train young researchers in the newest developments in the field of Harmonic Analysis.
03 to 07
Georgia Tech hosts annual international meeting on color-changing materials and devices.