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The College of Sciences at Georgia Tech cultivates curiosity, encourages exploration, and fosters innovation to develop scientific solutions for a better world. Working across six internationally ranked schools with the brightest young minds in our fields, we mentor future leaders to identify and push the frontiers of human knowledge, imagination, and innovation. Explore more.

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Covid-19 Weather Map
As Covid-19 outbreaks surge in several states, the choice to see family this holiday season gets more complicated by the day. Thankfully, Georgia Tech developed a tool that can help estimate the potential risk of exposure. “Think of our research and the risk assessment tool like a weather map. We aren’t telling you to get your umbrella or to stay inside, but we are telling you that outside it is raining," said Clio Andris.
Faces of Testing
When faced with the spread of Covid-19, Georgia Tech’s entire community sprang into action to develop and implement a way to test the campus community.
Jess Eskew, Georgia Tech Physics student, poses with Buzz at a football game.
Triple-legacy Physics student discusses family Tech traditions and her summer research. 
Samples of portions of the coronavirus (the petri dishes on the right) in a Georgia Tech lab refrigerator. (Photo Jennifer Leavey)
Genetic sequencing of portions of the coronavirus await some undergraduates in the School of Biological Sciences, who will use the samples to learn how serology tests are made, as well as other aspects of viral research.
Thomas Orlando
The School of Chemistry and Biochemistry professor, a principal investigator for a key NASA-funded space exploration project at Georgia Tech, wins an award, has a research paper published that's picked up by major media outlets, and recently had his NBC network closeup.
"Ocean Adventures with Millie and Sam" created by students Danielle Newman, Clayton Parnell, Parinia Patel, Devon Robinson, and John Thompson.
In Annalisa Bracco's "EAS 4801: The Deep Ocean" class, undergraduates channel their favorite children's book authors to help teach kindergarten through eighth graders about the deep ocean. 
Georgia Tech Astrobiology
The ExplOrigins group shares research, makes connections, and reaches out to early career scientists and others who are interested in work related to how life began on Earth — and where it might also exist in our cosmos.

Experts In The News


07 to 10
SCMB will host its 3rd Annual Symposium as a free online event to focus on "Interactional Expertise" in math/bio collaborations
07 to 10
The SCMB's virtual forum for discussing the latest news from the intersection of math and biology is set for Dec. 7-10, 2020.
28 to 29
A conference, presented virtually in 2021, for faculty, research scientists, postdocs, and grad students
14 to 18
This symposium will be held at The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS) 2021 Annual Meeting & Exhibition in Orlando, Florida.
09 to 14
The conference brings the astrobiology community together every two years to share research, collaborate, and plan for the future.