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To request a media interview, please reach out to experts using the faculty directories for each of our six schools, or contact Jess Hunt-Ralston, College of Sciences communications director. A list of faculty experts is also available to journalists upon request.

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James Sowell, director of the Georgia Tech Observatory. Photo: Rob Felt
This year brings another February 29. Why do leap years occur?
Chunhui (Rita) Du and Alex Blumenthal
Alex Blumenthal and Chunhui (Rita) Du are among 126 early-career researchers who have been awarded Sloan Research Fellowships for 2024.
A human eye - Image from Unsplash
Georgia Tech chemists are exploring the behavior of a complex protein associated with glaucoma — characterizing one of the largest amyloid-forming proteins to date.
Paving the Way for Critical Mineral Production
Neha Garg
The Natural Products Reports Lectureship is awarded annually to an outstanding early-career researcher who’s research and contributions relate to natural products, small molecules produced by living things.
Abouzar Kaboudian and Flavio Fenton
It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day for Flavio Fenton to have the heart on his mind. Fenton has been fascinated by the human heart for 30 years.
Glenn Lightsey in space lab
The Georgia Institute of Technology has a long history in space research and exploration, from educating astronauts to developing and controlling spacecraft that can travel across the solar system.

Experts In The News

Comprehensively mapping the genetic basis of human disease across diverse individuals is a long-standing goal for the field of human genetics. A key limitation in efforts to build this catalogue has been the historic under-representation of large subsets of individuals in biomedical research including individuals from diverse ancestries, individuals with disabilities and individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. The All of Us Research Program, which includes School of Biological Sciences Professor I. King Jordan, is a longitudinal cohort study aiming to enroll a diverse group of at least one million individuals across the USA, advancing the promise of genomic medicine for all.

Nature February 19, 2024

You may be familiar with yeast as the organism content to turn carbs into products like bread and beer when left to ferment in the dark. In these cases, exposure to light can hinder or even spoil the process. In a new study published in Current Biology, researchers in Georgia Tech’s School of Biological Sciences have engineered one of the world’s first strains of yeast that may be happier with the lights on. Study authors include biology Ph.D. student Autumn Peterson, Research Scientist Anthony Burnetti, CMDI grant writer Carina Baskett, and Associate Professor William Ratcliff.

Ethanol Producer Magazine February 16, 2024

Bolstered by state and national workforce needs and their promising return on investment, the STEM track represents a gold mine for colleges and universities that want to ensure credentials from their institution are providing students with good job prospects and gainful employment. Meanwhile, the humanities and social sciences are taking a back seat. But something exciting is happening in the world of higher education. Colleges and universities hailing from both sides of the fence are inching ever closer to the middle, integrating lessons in the humanities with STEM-based curriculum—and vice versa. School of Biological Sciences and School of Chemistry and Biochemistry Professor Julia Kubanek, who also serves as the Institute's vice president for Interdisciplinary Research, shared her thoughts on the positive impacts of this on institutions like Georgia Tech.

University Business February 14, 2024