Academic Faculty Advisory Council

What is the AFAC?

We are a communication channel between the general COS faculty and Dean's Office for unit-level or cross-unit-level concerns/suggestions/feedback.

The council meets 1-2 times/month depending on current initiatives. New members of the council are selected by the current membership and appointed by the Dean's Office for two-year terms. Self-nominations to the AFAC chairs from full-time Academic Faculty in the COS are both welcome and encouraged. 

The AFAC membership is diverse, representing both tenure-track and non-tenure track academic faculty (which includes Academic Professionals and Lecturers) of all ranks from all units across the College of Sciences.

The AFAC plays an important role as a forum for identifying and discussing challenges and opportunities for faculty in the Georgia Tech College of Sciences. It also servers as a major point of contact between faculty and the CoS Dean's Office. Examples of issues that have been discussed include: faculty hiring best practices; ongoing and potential support initiatives for graduate students and postdocs; how CoS can best assess and promote teaching effectiveness; opportunities and weaknesses in ongoing faculty mentorship structure; advising load challenges for academic professionals; and the Institute's revisions to reappointment, promotion, and tenure guidelines.

COS AFAC Digital Suggestion Box:

Faculty who have concerns or ideas and opportunities for the AFAC to discuss can submit directly to the committee using this link:


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AFAC Members

Sal Barone, Mathematics

Thackery Brown (co-chair), Psychology

Michael Evans, Chemistry and Biochemistry

JC Gumbart, Physics

Gongie Li, Physics

Galyna Livshyts, Mathematics

Annalise Paaby, Biological Sciences

Alexander Robel, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Jeffrey Skolnick, Biological Sciences

Amanda Stockton, Chemistry and Biochemistry

William Stern, Psychology

Yuanzhi Tang (co-chair), Earth and Atmospheric Sciences


Young-Hui Chang (ex officio), College of Sciences

Jennifer Leavey (ex officio), College of Sciences