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CoS Task Force Recommendations

Setting Expectations

The CoS Task Force on Racial Equity recognizes the importance of establishing clear expectations between members of the community as a key strategy for promoting racial diversity, equity, and inclusion. Drafts of the following documents have been shared with Dean Lozier in Spring 2021 and are being reviewed by the CoS Faculty Council and CoS Diversity Council. Once approved, the documents will be made available here.

Survey of Perceptions

The CoS Task Force recommends that the College conducts a routine, anonymous survey of CoS students, staff, and faculty on perceptions of racial equity in the College of Sciences


The CoS Task Force recognizes that training to increase awareness of discriminatory biases is vital to 1) increasing employment opportunities and improving the work environment for minority non-academic staff, and 2) increasing recruitment and retention of minority students and academic faculty. 

General Ideas

Center for Teaching and Learning

Teaching in Turbulent Times
These resources were developed by CTL in light of the tension surrounding the 2020 Presidential Election.  However, many of the tips are applicable to any situation that impacts and/or potentially fuels the immense stress of the members of our nation at large.


How To Discuss Inflammatory Topics with Grace, Humility, Patience, and Mutual Respect

Resources for Talking about Race
Georgia Tech Diversity and Inclusion Education and Training website

So You Want To Talk About Race?
By: Ijeoma Oluo

What If I Say the Wrong Thing? 25 Habits for Culturally Effective People
By: Verna A. Myers

Tell Me Who You Are: Sharing Our Stories of Race, Culture, & Identity
By: Winona Guo and Priya Vulchi

Language Matters: Considering Microaggressions in Science
Article by Colin Harrison (School of Biological Sciences) and Kimberly Dr. Tanner

Investigating Instructor Talk in Novel Contexts: Widespread Use, Unexpected Categories, and an Emergent Sampling
Article by Colin Harrison (School of Biological Sciences) and coworkers

Whistling Vivaldi: How Stereotypes Affect Us and What We Can Do
By: Claude M. Steele

On Planck's Law, Blackbodies and the Physics of Diversity
Article by Dr. Jedidah Isler (Syracuse University, Department of Physics)

Language Matters: Considering Microaggressions in Science
Article by Colin Harrison (School of Biological Sciences) and Kimberly Dr. Tanner


National STEM Organizations that Foster Racial Equity


The National Graduate Education for Minorities (GEM) Consortium

The National GEM Consortium offers fellowships and research opportunities for underrepresented minorities 

National Organization of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE)

National Society of Black Physicists

Databases of Databases of Diverse Speakers in STEM
Contributed by Dr. Jennifer Glass and Minda Monteagudo (EAS) - 2018 Diversity & Inclusion Fellow Program Project


American Institute of Physics | Statistics and reports on diversity in physics


National Association of Mathematicians