2021 School of Psychology Spring Colloquium Series: Rena L. Repetti

Rena L. Repetti and "The interlacing of family members’ experiences, emotions and biology in everyday life"

Rena Repetti’s program of research examines the ebb and flow of experiences in our everyday lives, especially interactions with close others, and their cumulative effects on physical and mental health. She attempts to observe social, psychological, and biological processes as they unfold naturally in daily life, in particular how family members connect with and help to regulate each other. Repetti will describe some of her naturalistic research using intensive repeated measures and video recordings to investigate how family members’ stress, emotions, behavior and physiology become interlaced through their everyday interactions.

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About Rena Repetti

Rena L. Repetti is a professor in the Department of Psychology at UCLA. Her research and teaching interests involve stress and coping in work and family roles; social interaction, particularly family interaction, and mental health; children's coping behavior; and clinical health psychology.




Event Details


  • Thursday, 2021, January 21 - 11:00am to 12:00pm

Atlanta, GA


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