Georgia Tech Undergraduate Mathematics and Science Research Partnerships

These partnerships with primarily undergraduate institutions (PUI) have two goals:
  • support the success of students and assist the development of faculty at PUIs 
  • broaden participation of students and faculty at PUIs in advanced study and research at Georgia Tech.
The program consists of four components:
  1. Affiliate Faculty Status
    • ​​Faculty members from PUIs who are collaborating with Georgia Tech researchers may apply for Affiliate Faculty Status at Georgia Tech.
    • Affiliate faculty have access to network facilities, library resources, research equipment, and research services.
    • Applications for Affiliate Faculty Status require sponsorship by a member of the Georgia Tech faculty. The sponsorship should be based on ongoing scholarly activity that requires an affiliate status.
    • Successful applicants are subject to Georgia Tech procedures for new appointments.
  2. Visiting Faculty Fellowships
    • ​​​A limited number of fellowships are available for faculty at PUIs to visit Georgia Tech in the summer to initiate research projects with Georgia Tech researchers.
    • Submit an application. Contact Dr. David Collard for application and other information.
  3. Access to Research Facilities
    • The College of Sciences provides its partners at PUIs with access to research facilities and services—such as NMR and mass spectrometers, glass-blowing service, electronic and machine shops—at minimal or no cost to the user.​​
    • PUI partners need to submit a request to gain access to facilities and services. Contact Dr. David Collard for Request Services Form. 
  4. Campus Visits
    • Each fall, as part of the Research Bound in STEM program of the College of Sciences, we welcome visits by individual undergraduates; student groups, such as student clubs and organizations; and undergraduate classes in science and mathematics.
    • The Georgia Tech Focus Program also welcomes students who are interested in exploring opportunities for graduate study. The program is held each year over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend. 

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