Graduate Studies in Biological Sciences

Revolutionary developments in biology are creating new approaches to solving biomedical and environmental problems. The School of Biological Sciences at Georgia Tech conducts exceptional research at the leading edge of biological sciences and provides high quality, innovative education for our graduates. Our Ph.D. program applications are due in December each year. We evaluate applications in December, January and February, make offers in March, and expect responses from candidates who have been made offers by mid-April. Please see for M.S. application deadlines.

Download fact and major information as a pdf here.

Graduate programs

Funding information

Ph.D. students obtain stipends either via GRAs, GTAs, or fellowships such as the NSF GRFP, NIH NRSA, and other competitive fellowships. The tuition is covered via tuition remission by the thesis advisor’s grant(s) or via a tuition waiver for GTAs. The Ph.D. student is responsible for fees (Fall: $753, Spring: $753, Summer: slightly less than fall, spring semesters, subject to change annually. Please visit the Bursar’s website for details).

The current stipend for 2023-2024 is $33,500/year (~$2,792/month). Exceptions occur only for external fellowships and internal awards (e.g. the Presidential and GAANN Fellowships).

Most Ph.D. students are supported by GTAs during their first year unless they have obtained a fellowship or are funded via a GRA. Beyond the first year, 70- 80%