College of Sciences 2019 Summer Dinner

Welcoming new colleagues, celebrating excellence

September 25, 2019 | Atlanta, GA

The College of Sciences held its annual summer dinner on Sept. 18, hosted by Susan Lozier, the new dean and Betsy Middleton and John Clark Sutherland Chair of the College of Sciences. The gathering has become a tradition for welcoming new members; recognizing excellence in research, instruction, and service; and affirming the College’s special community of scholars.

Tim Cope, Christine Heitsch, and Marvin Whiteley received the 2019 Faculty Mentor Awards. Cope and Whiteley are professors in the School of Biological Sciences; Heitsch is a professor in the School of Mathematics.

Nominations for these awards come from early-career faculty. Nominators cite mentors’ willingness to make introductions, review proposals, and develop professional training programs as extremely helpful as they get familiar with and navigate their environment and roles.  

"[Y]our recognition also shines a bright light on your school and the College of Sciences, for which we are grateful.”

Also celebrated at the 2019 Summer Dinner were recipients of distinguished faculty awards, funded through the generosity of alumni and friends.

Greg Blekherman, Martin Mourigal, and Ronghu Wu received the Cullen-Peck Fellowship Awards. These are made possible by a gift from alumni couple Frank Cullen and Libby Peck. The goal is to encourage the development of especially promising mid-career faculty. Bleckherman is an associate professor of mathematics, Mourigal is an assistant professor of physics, and Wu is an associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry.

Kim Cobb, professor of Earth and atmospheric sciences, received the 2019 Gretzinger Moving Forward Award. This is made possible by a gift from alumnus Ralph Gretzinger and his late wife, Jewel.  The award recognizes leadership of a school chair or senior faculty member who has played a pivotal role in diversifying the composition of faculty, creating a family-friendly environment, and providing a supportive environment for early-career faculty.

Jennifer Glass, associate professor of Earth and atmospheric sciences, received the 2019 Eric R. Immel Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching. This award is supported by an endowment fund given by alumnus Charles Crawford to recognize exemplary instruction of foundational courses.

“I am pleased that your distinction in research, teaching, and mentoring brings recognition your way,” Lozier said. “But your recognition also shines a bright light on your school and the College of Sciences, for which we are grateful.”

Lozier also welcomed faculty who joined in the 2019-20 academic year, herself included as professor of Earth and atmospheric sciences. Also present were Meghan Babcock and Keaton Fletcher, School of Psychology; Marcus Cicerone and Joshua Kretchmer, School of Chemistry and Biochemistry; and Glen Evenbly, School of Physics. Unable to attend were Alex Blumenthal, School of Mathematics, and Alonzo Whyte, School of Biological Sciences.

“As you set out on your academic journey, please know that we are here to support, mentor, and advise you along the way,” Lozier said.  “Your good fortune will be ours as well.”

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