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A job for Chemistry Avengers
May 8, 2019
High-school students taking the Georgia Tech distance-learning chemistry course of William Baron came to campus to participate in an escape room based on organic chemistry.
Georgia Tech Astrobiology
May 7, 2019
Georgia Tech graduate students now have another way to join the hot field of astrobiology. The Graduate Certificate in Astrobiology is now an option, thanks to the effort of the vibrant astrobiology community in Georgia Tech.
Amy (left) and Rachna Patel
May 3, 2019
Amy and Rachna Patel, sisters from Johns Creek, Georgia, have been fortunate enough to get to experience their time at Georgia Tech together — and they plan to finish it off by graduating together as well.
2019 College of Sciences Student Award Winners
May 2, 2019
Georgia Tech and the College of Sciences celebrated 10 students for excellent academic performance.
Elma Kajtaz
April 30, 2019
  Ever since she could remember, Elma Kajtaz has been fascinated by the nervous system, its mechanics, and how these mechanics help determine an organism’s behavior.
Caroline Dalluge
April 30, 2019
Growing up in Alpharetta, Georgia, Caroline Dalluge was encouraged by her family to try new things – soccer, dance, marching band, and winter guard, an indoor color guard sport.
Mathilda Avirett-Mackenzie
April 30, 2019
Mathilda Simone Avirett-Mackenzie was born in Boston but grew up in Atlanta. For as long as she can remember, Georgia Tech had been an important part of her life.
Hunter Vallejos
April 30, 2019
The earliest memories of Hunter Andres Vallejos were his love for mathematics. He remembers becoming aware of negative numbers back in kindergarten. What was a kindergartner to make of a number less than zero?
Sophie Kay
April 30, 2019
The research opportunities at Georgia Tech enticed Sophie A. Kay to Atlanta. In particular, she wanted to work with Howard Weiss, professor in the School of Psychology and renowned researcher in industrial-organizational psychology.  
Bryson Kagy
April 30, 2019
Growing up in Alpharetta, Georgia, Bryson Graham Kagy thought he wanted to be an engineer because his father is an engineer, until he realized that he had a passion for mathematics.