Astrobiology Graduate Certificate Now Available

Program underscores Georgia Tech’s unique strengths in astrobiology research and education

May 7, 2019

Georgia Tech graduate students now have another way to join the hot field of astrobiology. The Graduate Certificate in Astrobiology is now an option, thanks to the effort of the vibrant astrobiology community in Georgia Tech.

The program “reflects Georgia Tech’s unique strength in integrating science and engineering in astrobiology research and education,” Jennifer Glass says. An associate professor in the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Glass spearheaded the efforts of the Georgia Tech astrobiology community to launch this graduate offering.

“This certificate program really puts Georgia Tech on the map as a premier place for students from diverse disciplines to study astrobiology.

The certificate program requires no prerequisites. Any graduate student simply needs to complete the required combination of courses (list available here) that span five Georgia Tech schools in three colleges: Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, Aerospace Engineering, and International Affairs.

Two features make the Georgia Tech Graduate Certificate in Astrobiology unique, Glass says. One is the requirement of a mission design course. Another is the science communications project. “We will train students to translate technical writing so that it can be understood and appreciated by the public,” Glass says.

With this initiative, Georgia Tech joins only five other institutions with graduate offerings in astrobiology. The certificate will allow graduate students to take advantage of career opportunities in astrobiology.  

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