Jennifer Leavey: From Honey Bees to Science Rock

First of 12 stories about Women at Georgia Tech

October 8, 2018 | Atlanta, GA

Jennifer Leavey is the integrated science curriculum coordinator for the College of Sciences. She also directs the Georgia Tech Urban Honey Bee Project, an interdisciplinary initiative designed to recruit and retain STEM students by studying how urban habitats affect honey bee health and how technology can be used to study bees. 

“Most of the programs I work on relate to encouraging undergraduates to become more engaged in studying science,” Leavey said. “The Georgia Tech Urban Honey Bee Project sprouted out of the idea that if something is authentic, it doesn’t matter what discipline students are in or what class they’re taking, they’ll become interested in it.”

Learn more about Jennifer Leavey's activities, including leading a science rock band, in the full story by Victor Rogers.



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