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  • Researchers Determine Routes of Respiratory Infectious Disease Transmission on Aircraft

    A recent study conducted by researchers from Emory University and Georgia Tech found that an infectious passenger with influenza or other droplet-transmitted respiratory infection will most likely not transmit infection to passengers seated farther away than two seats laterally and one row in front or back on an aircraft. The study was designed to assess rates and routes of possible infectious disease transmission during flights.

  • A Future Colorfully Lit by the Mystifying Physics of Paint-On Semiconductors

    It defies conventional wisdom about semiconductors. It's baffling that it even works. It eludes physics models that try to explain it. This newly tested class of light-emitting semiconductors is so easy to produce from solution that it could be painted onto surfaces to light up our future in myriad colors shining from affordable lasers, LEDs, and even window glass.

  • Erupting to Applause

    The Alumni Magazine thought it would be a blast to talk to Dufek about his work at Tech and find out if we’re all inevitably doomed to die under mounds of volcanic ash and lava.

  • Promotions and Tenure for College of Sciences Faculty in 2017-2018

    The College of Sciences applauds faculty members who earned promotions and/or tenure in 2017-18.

  • School of Physics Researchers Pay Homage to Stephen Hawking

    Stephen Hawking's death on March 14 – Albert Einstein's birthday – brought an end to the legendary career of the world-reknowned physicist and cosmologist. Hawking's groundbreaking work on black holes inspired several College of Sciences researchers in their own studies about the nature of the universe.


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