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Research in Academic Schools

  • Providing a research environment that nurtures risk-taking, opens new areas of inquiry, and pushes the boundaries of human knowledge.
  • Nurturing an ever-growing research ecosystem that is diverse, inclusive, interdisciplinary, and global.
  • Advancing the understanding of the physical and living world while training the next generation of scientists and mathematicians.

Research Centers

The College of Sciences participates in research institutes and hosts research centers that bring together students, faculty, and staff to solve critical scientific problems, often by integrating expertise across multiple disciplines.

Our research centers can be funded to launch undergraduate research internships, graduate training programs, and postdoctoral research opportunities. 

Research Partnerships

The College of Sciences partners with other research institutions to bring to students and faculty new collaborations, technologies, and approaches to answering scientific challenges.

Through research partnerships, we enrich the research ecosystem of our students and faculty.