Research Team and Proposal Support


As we continue to build on our strengths in the College of Sciences, while emphasizing research along the arc from discovery to solutions in both fundamental discoveries and interdisciplinary science, our research portfolio has grown dramatically in the last decade.  The success of our research endeavor hinges on supporting, retaining, and mentoring faculty, at all stages of their careers whose research growth and productivity is particularly critical to the College and Georgia Tech as a whole.


The College aims to provide guidance and support to its members in the following areas:

  • Timely identification and communication of research opportunities for which the College is poised to succeed.
  • New opportunities from private foundations and industry funded research for both teams and individuals.
  • Team-based proposal support including encouraging and facilitating development of new externally funded research centers.
  • Coordinating red-team reviews for center-level proposals.
  • Support for graduate and postdoctoral training grant proposals.
  • Act as liaison for PIs developing proposals where GT data are needed (e.g., student data for training grants).
  • Assisting with materials for GT-led proposals including local resources for diversity & inclusion; education & outreach; data management plans; postdoctoral mentoring plans; U.S. competitiveness statement for DOE, etc.
  • Research-based professional development opportunities for graduate students, for example internships in industry.
  • Meeting gaps in preparation of complex proposals between what school grants administrators and the EVPR’s Office of Research Development offer.
  • Assistance in navigating other campus resources.


To request assistance during the early stages of proposal conceptualization and preparation, contact Faith Taylor and Laura Cadonati in the office of the associate dean for research.


Other Internal Resources:

College of Sciences – Cost Share/Institutional Commitments
Information on requirements and process for requesting Cost Share or Institutional Commitments associated with a proposal.


EVPR – Office of Research Development
Large Scale research proposal developement support, typically >$1M/yr in funding and multi-instituitional teams.


Last updated 2/15/2023