2024 College of Sciences Staff Recognition Award Program

*Nomination Deadline: February 19, 2024*


The College of Sciences staff awards program recognizes the success of staff and honors their outstanding contributions to the College’s teaching and research mission.

The Staff Recognition Awards are open to full-time College of Sciences (CoS) staff members who have more than one year of continuous service in a CoS unit.

Leadership Award:

Leadership in Action Award: recognizes a staff member who has made consistently outstanding contributions to the College through innovative and strategic leadership, change management, business process improvement, special project leadership, and similar accomplishments. This is an individual award. One recipient will receive an award of $1500. Other nominated staff are eligible to receive an Excellence in Leadership award of $500. These awards recognize staff members who show leadership and achievement that aligns with one of the primary areas of strategic focus of the college.

Staff Excellence Award:

CoS Exceptional Staff Award: recognizes and celebrates consistent outstanding performance above and beyond the call of duty in one or more areas of strategic focus, communication, teamwork, decision making demonstrating high levels of execution in their primary job duties, auxiliary roles, and citizenship — positively impacting the strategic goals of their department and the College. This is an individual award. One recipient will receive an award of $1500. Other nominated staff or groups of staff are eligible to receive a CoS Staff Excellence Award of $500. These awards recognize staff who demonstrate significant job performance in one or more areas of strategic focus, communication, teamwork, decision making, demonstrating high levels of execution in their primary job duties, auxiliary roles, and citizenship.

Eligibility Criteria:

Nominations are open to all staff employees of the College with at least one year of satisfactory full-time employment in the College, and will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Regularly evaluates situations, gathers data, and uses the data, to identify opportunities for process improvement and innovation.
  • Approaches their work with a focus on creating or streamlining tools, processes, or systems.
  • Offers service above and beyond their formally defined job to meet the needs of others.
  • Produces concrete and tangible results.
  • Demonstrates specific behaviors and attitude the aligns with GT’s Core Values.
  • Self-nomination is permitted for the Staff Excellence Awards. Leadership Awards require peer nomination.
  • Previous award recipients are ineligible for two subsequent years following their award.


Nomination(s) and supporting materials may be submitted via the portal available at https://forms2.cos.gatech.edu/form/cos-staff-awards  no later than the deadline February 19, 2024. The selection committee is comprised of previous award recipients and the CoS HR Director who will review and recommend selections. Awards are funded by endowments from the external College of Sciences Advisory Board. Peer nominations are strongly encouraged. 

In order to nominate a colleague, please complete the following steps:

  • Utilize the online portal via https://forms2.cos.gatech.edu/form/cos-staff-awards to submit your nomination and supporting documentation: a nomination letter stating your reason for nominating the candidate (no more than one page), a resume and recent performance appraisal.
  • Two letters of support from either a supervisor, colleague, student, or member of the community who has direct knowledge of, or has been impacted by, the nominee’s work and can support the nomination. All letters of support should speak to the award criteria.
  • All letters must be from the current year and tailored specifically for the College of Sciences Staff Award.
  • Nominations should speak to excellence in the employee’s assigned role as well as broader initiatives, progress, and service as it relates to the College and Institute strategic plans, missions, and visions.
  • Nominations are due to the CoS Awards portal no later than February 19, 2024, at 5:00pm


For questions regarding the CoS nominations process, please email us at awards@cos.gatech.edu

Please be reminded that there are additional opportunities to nominate employees via the Institute award program. Additional information can be found at https://hr.gatech.edu/staff-awards.
Thank you, in advance, for taking the time to recognize your colleagues