Staff Advisory Council

What is the College of Sciences Staff Advisory Council?

During the Fall of 2019 and early Spring of 2020, the College of Sciences held staff listening sessions where the need for a Staff Advisory Council became apparent. Between March and May of 2020, a small group of staff met to establish the foundations of this council including the general mission, vision, core values, and overall duties.

It is now time for this team to do what they have been most looking forward to, and turn over the reins of this council back to the entire staff of the College of Sciences. On June 9th, nominations will open online to establish the first College of Sciences Staff Advisory Council (COSSAC).


The Staff Advisory Council in the College of Sciences represents and advocates for the diverse collective body of staff within the college and interacts directly with the Dean of the College of Sciences. The Council serves as a liaison between the staff and COS leadership, providing an avenue for a significant contribution of staff expertise. The Council aims to use these perspectives to provide recommendations to the Dean of the College, as well as to inform leadership members within each independent school regarding staff matters.


To promote a positive, diverse, collaborative, and professional working environment within the College of Sciences.

Core Values

The COS Staff Advisory Council aims to serve as an inclusive and informative team with members all units within the College of Sciences who engage with their constituents, contribute to the betterment of COS, promotes opportunities, and advocates for their members.

  • Contribute – build a collaborative, engaging environment and make recommendations regarding programs and policies that directly impact staff.
  • Advocate – be the voice of the staff by bridging the gap between executive leadership and staff, in the smaller setting of the College of Sciences.
  • Communicate – Provide important information regarding staff concerns to the COS leadership.
  • Promote - promote staff achievements and other types of employee recognition activities; disseminate information on professional development opportunities.
  • Engage – build a collaborative environment where staff within the college can develop, grow, and participate as a member of the GT community.
  • Inform – become the avenue in which staff receive information concerning Institute and College priorities and initiatives.

Thinking of serving on the council or know someone who would be a great representative?

As a member of the first College of Sciences Advisory Council, members will work to create bylaws for future councils, set up executive committee leadership amongst council members, establish committees that will consist of members-at-large from the College of Sciences staff, and meet regularly to discuss the needs of the College of Sciences staff members.

Council members will be asked to commit a few hours a month to the council in the form of:

  • Meet once per month as a council
  • Meet once per month with their established committee
  • Lead or co-lead one event per year
  • Rotate regularly scheduled virtual office hours

Nominations Timeline

June 9th
Nominations Open—to self-nominate or nominate a colleague
June 23rd at 5pm
Nominations Close
  • Nominees will receive an email to confirm their interest in serving on the council
New Staff Council Announced!


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