Undergraduate Studies in Solid Earth and Planetary Sciences

The new solid earth and planetary sciences (SEP) degree is for students who are interested in solid earth and planetary sciences and are looking to apply Georgia Tech’s strengths in mathematics and computation to understand the structure, evolution, hazards, and future of planetary bodies, including Earth.

Students that complete this degree will additionally be suited for outside opportunities in statistical and ‘big data’ analysis, general science education and outreach.  Students interested in research opportunities can work with our world-class SEP faculty and gain experience needed to be successful within graduate programs around the world.


Students completing the degree in Solid Earth and Planetary Sciences will be well qualified for graduate programs and careers in industry, government, and research due to the structure and rigor of the program supported by the computational focus of Georgia Tech. 

Some of these careers or graduate programs include geophysical and geological analysts, geophysical exploration and environmental remediation, geologic hazards monitoring and modeling, geophysics and planetary science.  

More information

For more information contact EAS Advisors: Samantha Wilson or Zachary Handlos

Expanding horizons

This degree, along with the new B.S. in Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences, and Environmental Science (Joint with Biology), grew out of current tracks within EAS, which are planned to be retired for new entry in 2025.  Students can enroll in this program beginning summer 2023, and current students in EAS can choose to either stay within the current program, or switch over to SEP, AOS, or ENVS depending on the individual’s curricular achievements.