College of Sciences Advisory Board

We seek multiple perspectives to inform how we conduct education, research, and public engagement.

Our Advisory Board Members bring diverse talents, experiences, and insights.

They are key partners as we strive to enrich our students’ academic experience and enhance our scientists’ research ecosystem.

  • Dr. Allen Annis
    Allen Annis
    B.S. in Chemistry 1993

    Senior Vice President, Research
    Aileron Theraputics, Inc

  • Cynthia L. “Cindi” Bossart, VMD
    Cynthia L. “Cindi” Bossart, VMD
    B.S. in Applied Biology 1974

    Owner, Animal Hospital of Fort Lauderdale

  • S. Rutt Bridges
    S. Rutt Bridges
    B.S. in Physics 1973, M.S. in Geophysical Sciences 1975

    Managing Director, Quest Capital Partners
    Author, Driverless Car Revolution

  • Michael Cobb
    Michael Cobb
    B.S. in Physics 1973

    M.S. in Geophysical Sciences 1975
    Author, Driverless Car Revolution
    Managing Director, Quest Capital Partners

  • Charles J. Crawford
    Charles J. Crawford
    B.S. in Applied Mathematics 1971

    President, Georgia Battlefields Association
    Retired as Colonel, U.S. Air Force

  • Belma Erdogan-Haug
    Dr. Belma Erdogan-Haug
    Ph.D. in Chemistry 2003
    3M, Global Learning and Collaboration Manager
  • John R. Festa
    John R. Festa

    Executive Managing Director, First Performance
    CEO, SDS Investments

  • John C. Ford Ph.D.
    John C. Ford Ph.D.
    Ph.D. Physics 1972
  • Elizabeth Gadsby
    Elizabeth Gadsby
    Ph.D. in Chemistry 2004

    eGad Innovation, Innovation Strategist

  • Alexis E. Gallardo
    Alexis E. Gallardo
    B.S. in Chemistry 1991

    Productos Lux, S.A., Director

  • Paul S. Goggin
    Paul S. Goggin
    B.S. in Physics 1991

    Member at Large, Georgia Tech Association Board of Trustees
    CTO, Free All Media

  • Ralph E. Gretzinger III
    Ralph E. Gretzinger III
    B.S. in Mathematics 1970

    Hewitt Associates LLC, Owner (Retired)

  • Jeffrey Scott Hurley
    Jeffrey S. Hurley
    Ph.D. in Chemistry 1992

    Vice President, Nonwovens and Fibers at Central National

  • Jessica Scwhind
    Jessica Scwhind
    B.S. in Applied Biology 2005

    Assistant Professor
    Georgia Southern University

  • Clinton H. Joiner
    Dr. Clinton H. Joiner
    B.S in Chemistry 1971

    Aflac Children’s Endowed Chair for
    Hematology, Emory/CHOA

  • Thomas S. Kim
    Thomas S. Kim
    BS in Chemistry 1992

    President and CEO, EpivVario Inc.

  • Jeffrey A. Leddy
    Jeffrey A. Leddy
    B.S. in Physics 1978

    Executive Chairman, Global Eagle

  • Craig R. Lentzsch
    Craig R. Lentzsch
    B.S. in Applied Mathematics 1970

    Executive Chairman, All Aboard America! Holdings, Inc.
    Board Member, Wanderu, Inc.
    Adjunct Faculty, University of Denver
    Founding Board Member, Transportation Institute, University of Denver

  • Fred A. Levin
    Dr. Fred A. Levin
    B.S. in Applied Biology 1972

    President (Retired)
    East Atlanta Gastroenterology

  • Thomas E.
    Thomas E. "Tem" McElroy Jr.
    B.S. in Physics 1965

    Former member, Georgia Tech Advisory Board
    Chairman, McElroy Metal, Inc.

  • Nathan Meehan
    D. Nathan Meehan. Ph.D., P.E.
    B.S. in Physics 1975
    CMG Petroleum Consulting, Ltd., Founder
  • W. Steven Metzer, MD
    W. Steven Metzer, MD
    B.S. in Psychology 1969
  • David Moody
    David Moody
    PhD in Organic Chemistry 1988
    Milliken and Company, Executive Vice President
  • William H.
    William H. "Bill" Needle
    B.S. in Chemistry 1967

    Ballard Spahr LLP, Attorney (Retired)

  • Elizabeth Ann "Libby" Peck
    B.S. in Mathematics 1975

     M.S. in Industrial Systems Engineering 1976
     Retired as Mathematical Analyst, The Coca Cola Company

  • Robert M. Price
    Robert M. Price
    M.S. in Mathematics 1958

    Former Research Mathematician, Georgia Tech Rich Electronic Computer Center
    President and CEO, PSV Inc. 
    Retired as Chairman and CEO, Control Data Corportion (now Ceridian)


  • Thomas R. Saylor
    Thomas R. Saylor
    B.S. in Applied Biology 1970

    Founder and Director, Arecor Limited

  • Heidi Schindler
    Heidi Schindler
    BS in Applied Biology 1997

    Head of Research Technology Specialists
    and Isotec Sales, MilliporeSigma

  • Kerry Smith
    Kerry Smith
    B.S. in Applied Biology 1986

    Professor/Genetics & Biochemistry and
    Director/Eukaryotic Pathogens Innovations
    Center (EPIC) , Clemson University

  • W. Clayton
    W. Clayton "Clay" Sparrow Jr.
    B.S. in Physics 1968

    Partner, Seyfarth Shaw LLP

  • Gerald W. Staton Jr
    B.S. in Chemistry 1972

    Emory Healthcare, Professor Emeritus

  • John Sutherland
    John Sutherland
    B.S. in Physics 1962
    M.S. in Physics 1964
    Ph.D. in Physics 1967
    Dean, College of Science and Mathematics
    Augusta University
  • Charles F. Touchton
    Charles F. Touchton
    B.S. in Physics 1957
  • G. David Williamson
    G. David Williamson
    B.S. in Applied Biology 1973

    Associate Director for Science
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention