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Martin Mourigal
School of Physics associate professor Martin Mourigal is recognized by NSSA for "significant and insightful use of neutron inelastic scattering in the study of quantum materials."
Former College of Sciences postdoctoral fellow Betül Kaçar (left) is an assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. (Photo NASA: Jeff Miller)
Frank Rosenzweig, professor in the School of Biological Sciences and Georgia Tech Astrobiology faculty member, will serve as co-leader of the NASA Astrobiology Research Coordination Network, 'LIFE: Early Cells to Multicellularity.'
Yashvardhan Tomar
Dual physics and aerospace engineering major Yashvardhan Tomar has been selected to receive the 2022 Love Family Foundation Scholarship, one of the highest academic honors given to an undergraduate student. 
Jennifer Glass, Frank Rosenzweig, and Martha Grover represent Georgia Tech as chairs of AbSciCon 2022.
Three researchers from the Colleges of Engineering and Sciences are leading astrobiology’s largest national conference focused on the origins of life.
Faculty and staff from Biological Sciences, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, and Physics were honored at the 2022 Faculty and Staff Honors Luncheon on Friday, April 29.
Love Family Foundation Award
Several College of Sciences students were recognized for excellence this year at the annual Student Honors Celebration on Thursday, April 21.
Kim Cobb, professor in the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Georgia Power Chair, ADVANCE Professor, and director of Georgia Tech's Global Change Program
An award-winning climate scientist and professor whose research focuses on building capacity for climate solutions, Cobb will depart Georgia Tech to lead IBES, an academic hub for scholars exploring the interactions between natural, human, and social systems.
Rahnev MRI
The Elsevier-VSS Young Investigator Award, sponsored by Vision Research, is given to an early-career vision scientist who has made outstanding contributions to the field. This year's recipient is Doby Rahnev, associate professor in the School of Psychology.
Thackery Brown at Georgia Tech's Center for Advanced Brain Imaging. (Photo Thackery Brown)
Thackery Brown, assistant professor in the School of Psychology, has won a pair of prestigious research grants from the Curci Foundation and National Institute on Aging — and his lab has new research findings on memory, spatial navigation, and decision-making.  
College of Sciences 2022 NSF Graduate Research Honorees: Mi Do, Claire Elbon, Tatiana Gibson, Madeleine Hardt, Emily Hughes, Tucker Lancaster, McKinley Paul.
More than a dozen College of Sciences student researchers and alumni are among nearly 90 Georgia Tech students and alumni being awarded five-year fellowships and honorable mentions for their work.
Diving Deep to Cure Diseases. (Illustration by Linda Richards)
Georgia Tech researchers venture out of the lab to find clues to everything from how to better communicate with robots to curing disease. Here are some of their wildest innovations inspired by nature.
Bryan Gomez, Spring 2022 Graduate
It’s challenging enough to complete a Georgia Tech degree in four years. This week, Bryan Gomez will earn two: one in biochemistry and the other in neuroscience.