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Boguslavsky-Borodovsky Photo
After devoting almost 35 years to the field of bioinformatics, Mark Borodovsky, a Regents Professor and director of the Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Genomics, and his wife, Nadia Boguslavsky, a research scientist who recently retired after 25 years at Georgia Tech, are launching an Endowment for the Prize for Excellence in Bioinformatics. Open to Ph.D. students, the prize will both recognize and encourage successful research in bioinformatics at Tech.
Stephanie Curry traveling in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
As the College's Financial Manager, she has worked under four Deans, four Financial Directors and adapted to three financial systems. After 31 years of service she is retiring.
Origami folding patterns (Photo Georgia Tech)
Researchers have applied the concepts behind the ancient Japanese paper-folding art of origami to various scientific disciplines. Now a School of Physics scientists and his team may have found some new ways to incorporate the folding techniques to "metamaterials."  
Diversity at Georgia Tech
A new program designed to boost inclusivity and diversity in graduate geoscience programs is coming to Georgia Tech's School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences.
Jeremy England
A researcher conducting studies with the School of Physics has won a major award for his work on how chemical models make copies of themselves, and whether scientists will be able to design that feature into their own models. 
Charts showing Covid-19 awareness
In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, two human factors are battling it out: awareness of the virus’s severe consequences and fatigue from nine months of pandemic precautions. The results of that battle can be seen in the oddly shaped case, hospitalization, and fatality-count graphs, a new study suggests.
Professor Paul Verhaeghen and University of North Georgia's Shelley Aikman win a new Mind & Life Institute PEACE Grant that will continue studies into the physical and mental health benefits of mindfulness meditation.
Students work in a socially-distanced chemistry lab course.
Nine month after courses first moved to a virtual format, chemistry faculty and students reflect on the unexpected teaching and education discoveries from virtual learning. 
Archie Ervin (left) will serve as chair of the newly formed Georgia Tech Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council. Pearl Alexander (right) will serve as vice chair.
More than 50 representatives from across the campus have been appointed by President Ángel Cabrera to the newly formed Georgia Tech Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council which will identify issues of campus racial and gender disparity, bias, and inequity to be addressed in order to deliver upon the Institute’s vision of diversity and inclusion.
Biomade Logo
Georgia Institute of Technology is a governing member of the BioIndustrial Manufacturing and Design Ecosystem (BioMADE), a nonprofit that recently won a seven-year, $87 million award from the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).
Faces of Testing
When faced with the spread of Covid-19, Georgia Tech’s entire community sprang into action to develop and implement a way to test the campus community.
Covid-19 Weather Map
As Covid-19 outbreaks surge in several states, the choice to see family this holiday season gets more complicated by the day. Thankfully, Georgia Tech developed a tool that can help estimate the potential risk of exposure. “Think of our research and the risk assessment tool like a weather map. We aren’t telling you to get your umbrella or to stay inside, but we are telling you that outside it is raining," said Clio Andris.