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Sample Tubes for Sequencing Equipment
November 6, 2018
A new decision support tool could help clinicians choose the right chemotherapy drugs.
Margalit & Zeng, Fellows of the American Mathematical Society
November 5, 2018
Dan Margalit, Chongchun Zeng are 2018 Fellows of the American Mathematical Society.
Samuel Kelly
November 1, 2018
Samuel Kelly is ScienceMatters quiz winner.
Saturn's moon Enceladus
November 1, 2018
Envision a yellow submarine on a rocket to Europa as a future highpoint of a research project led by Georgia Tech to search for life in our solar system's oceans.
October 31, 2018
Bacteria play key role in keeping Georgia Aquarium seawater clean.
Sabetta Matsumoto
October 26, 2018
Physics professor Sabetta Matsumoto wins Episode 9 quiz.
Elephant at Zoo Atlanta
October 24, 2018
A new study shows how elephants use the trunks to compress food before eating it.
Elephant trunk (By Anton Ivanov, Shutterstock)
October 23, 2018
External coverage of David Hu's investigation of elephant feeding
Mostafa El-Sayed's cancer research team
October 22, 2018
El-Sayed ventured into cancer research after seeing a loved one suffer from the disease.
The lottery as explained by Lew Lefton
October 21, 2018
External News: Georgia Tech mathematician Lew Lefton explains the odds of winning the $1.6 billion prize