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Sara Brockmeier, Psychology Major from Woodstock, Georgia
Eight students share their experience at Georgia Tech and why they chose to study their major.
The above schematic illustrates a conjugated polymer film in an electrochemical cell.
Chemists and materials scientists team up to investigate the nature of electrochemically induced charges in redox-active conjugated polymers.
King Jordan
In a paper recently published in the journal BME Biology, Jordan and his collaborators work to bridge the pharmacogenomic research gap.
Assistant Professor Jenny McGuire, 2020 NSF CAREER Award Winner
In a recent paper published in PNAS, researchers examine fossil records spanning almost 12,000 years to determine the effects of human activity on where animals live and were surprised by what they found.
Swarm of smarticles
Researchers have proposed a new principle by which active matter systems can spontaneously order, without need for higher level instructions or even programmed interaction among the agents. And they have demonstrated this principle in a variety of systems, including groups of periodically shape-changing robots called "smarticles."
Michael Schatz
Michael Schatz, School of Physics interim chair and professor, wins his second award of the year for online education, receiving a statewide honor from the University System of Georgia for his work and new ideas on remote education.
Artist's concept of an ice-covered planet in a distant solar system, resembling what early Earth may have looked like it the right mix of microbial metabolisms and volcanic processes hadn’t warmed the climate. Source: European southern observatory (EXO).
School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Associate Professor Chris Reinhard is ending 2020 with two research successes: A grant from NASA that allows him and Georgia Tech to join the agency's new astrobiology initiative, and he's the co-author of a new study on Earth's oceanic "biological pump" published in Nature Geosciences. 
Tech Tower
The Graduate Record Examination will not be required for fall 2021 application into any College of Sciences graduate program. Additionally, three Sciences schools and two graduate programs have opted to permanently #GRExit — no longer requiring the exam for application and admission.
Boguslavsky-Borodovsky Photo
After devoting almost 35 years to the field of bioinformatics, Mark Borodovsky, a Regents Professor and director of the Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Genomics, and his wife, Nadia Boguslavsky, a research scientist who recently retired after 25 years at Georgia Tech, are launching an Endowment for the Prize for Excellence in Bioinformatics. Open to Ph.D. students, the prize will both recognize and encourage successful research in bioinformatics at Tech.
Stephanie Curry traveling in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
As the College's Financial Manager, she has worked under four Deans, four Financial Directors and adapted to three financial systems. After 31 years of service she is retiring.
Origami folding patterns (Photo Georgia Tech)
Researchers have applied the concepts behind the ancient Japanese paper-folding art of origami to various scientific disciplines. Now School of Physics' David Zeb Rocklin and his team may have found some new ways to incorporate the folding techniques to "metamaterials."  
Diversity at Georgia Tech
A new program designed to boost inclusivity and diversity in graduate geoscience programs is coming to Georgia Tech's School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences.