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Georgia Tech Astrobiology
May 7, 2019
Program underscores Georgia Tech’s unique strengths in astrobiology research and education.
Amy (left) and Rachna Patel
May 3, 2019
On May 4, the two sisters will attend the same undergraduate commencement ceremony.
2019 College of Sciences Student Award Winners
May 2, 2019
Georgia Tech and the College of Sciences celebrated 10 students for excellent academic performance.
Elma Kajtaz
April 30, 2019
It takes a village to raise a neuroscientist.
Caroline Dalluge
April 30, 2019
She pushed her limits without spreading herself too thin.
Mathilda Avirett-Mackenzie
April 30, 2019
After failing a math course, she rallied and came back with straight A’s.
Hunter Vallejos
April 30, 2019
His love for mathematics started at a very early age.
Sophie Kay
April 30, 2019
Her most vivid memory of Tech is "Dissertation Bootcamp."
Bryson Kagy
April 30, 2019
Georgia Tech is where he realized his passion for mathematics.
Tendon Tap
April 25, 2019
Our spines are more than just a cord, performing complicated, intricate behaviors without input from the brain.