Academic & Research Computing Services (ARCS)

The College of Sciences (CoS) Academic and Research Computing Services (ARCS) group supports the instructional, research, and administrative IT needs of the College. Our team is happy to help with any with any of our services.

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Audio/Visual (A/V) Classrooms and Conference Rooms

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College of Sciences (CoS) Academic and Research Computer Services (ARCS) or (404) 894-1309
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The following is an overview of services provided by ARCS.

Primary services
  • Purchase, set up, troubleshooting and maintenance of computers and ancillary equipment issued to CoS faculty and staff or funded by Course Fees and Tech Fees.
  • Pre-purchase consultation related to research computing needs in CoS, including hardware, software, and third‐party services.
  • Management of IT back‐end infrastructure in CoS. Examples include servers, networking equipment, data storage, specialized software and other technology services.
  • Consultation with OIT and the broader IT community. This includes oversight of compliance with cybersecurity policies and data management, integration with campus technology services such as centralized web hosting, identity management, collaboration tools, and research computing services.
  • Design and hosting of School web sites.
  • Consultation and tools for creation of other web sites, forms, surveys, etc.
  • Consultation regarding high performance computing facilities provided by PACE.
Consultive services

While ARCS is available for consultation regarding the following issues to determine user needs and institutional requirements, addressing them may incur additional costs or require contracting with vendors.

  • Specialized coding/programming in support of research and instruction.
  • Set‐up and maintenance of specialized research equipment, including:
    • Computers purchased with instruments that have unique manufacturer‐provided interfaces or other components. Following consultation with ARCS, these situations often require contact with the manufacturer.
    • Network‐connected equipment, which often poses significant risks to the digital assets of the Institute. This includes any non‐GT computers on the network.
  • Computers and ancillary equipment that are beyond their usable and supportable life (typically five years for most consumer‐grade technology)

Occasional services

Although the following are outside the scope of ARCS, staff may be able to provide brief consultation.

  • Authoring webpage content.
  • Non‐CoS computers.
  • Assistance for non‐employee CoS affiliates and emeritus faculty who are typically not covered by GT’s software licenses.
  • Support or assistance with Institute A/V equipment. Please contact ASC's A/V team directly using the information provided with the equipment.

Policies and Procedures

Like all employees at Georgia Tech, CoS ARCS is bound by University System of Georgia (USG), Georgia Tech, Office of Internet Technology (OIT), and OIT Cyber Security policies and procedures. CoS ARCS aims to provide the best service to instruction, research, and administration possible while complying with mandatory requirements outside of our direct control. While that includes pushing to adjust problematic policy and pursuing policy exceptions, compliance with these sometimes necessitates changing individual academic and research processes, especially as policies evolve to the new cybersecurity landscape.

CoS specific: