Teaching Effectiveness, Advocacy, and Mentoring (TEAM)

Mission Statement

The Teaching Effectiveness, Advocacy, and Mentoring (TEAM) committee's mission is to foster a robust teaching and mentoring program throughout the College of Sciences while also advocating to the Institute for instructor needs, resources, and support. The committee will also develop and implement a holistic process for evaluating teaching for critical review (tenure-track faculty), third-year review (lecturers), and promotion (all academic faculty). The approach developed will account for faculty contributions to student success activities and better honor the time and effort that College of Sciences faculty devote to the Institute's instructional mission by incorporating student and peer voices and instructor self-reflection.

The TEAM committee acknowledges the importance of developing a process and a rubric that can be embraced and endorsed by our colleagues. To achieve this goal, we will employ an iterative process focusing on continual, feedback-based improvement.

Teaching Effectiveness Rubric and Letters for Review and Promotion Packages 

The new rubric will be referenced for faculty undergoing critical review, third-year review, and going up for promotion beginning in the 2024-2025 academic year but will not be used as the sole basis for summative assessment. New faculty joining the College of Sciences in the 2023-2024 academic year should consider the rubric their guide for review and promotion. 

The TEAM committee will prepare teaching effectiveness letters for faculty undergoing critical review, third-year review, and preparing for promotion packages during the 2023-2024 academic year.  A member of the committee will consult with each faculty member to determine the process for gathering information to support the letter.  Assistant Dean Carrie Shepler will be available for consultation throughout the process and serve as primary point of contact for faculty and Schools. 

Condensed Rubric
Full Rubric
Rubric Appendices

Fall 2023 Goals   

  • Continue development through implementation of the rubric for the evaluation of teaching as it pertains to critical review, third-year review, and promotion. 
  • Develop processes to assist faculty in gathering and presenting materials that can be used to support rubric criteria (course syllabi, course assignments, redacted student work, reflective teaching statements, etc.) 
  • Develop an equitable and inclusive process for gathering information to support rubric criteria (peer observation, peer review of materials, etc.) 
  • Work with Schools to develop teaching mentorship programs to support junior faculty in their teaching roles 

TEAM Committee Membership

Emily Alicea-Muñoz, School of Physics

Federico Bonetto, School of Mathematics

Morag Burke, School of Mathematics

Flavio Fenton, School of Physics

Stephanie Reikes, School of Mathematics

Joseph Sadighi, School of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Eric Schumacher, School of Psychology

Carrie Shepler, College of Sciences (ex officio)

Sven Simon, School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Emily Weigel, School of Biological Sciences