Congratulations to College of Sciences Spring 2019 graduates!

They chose to study at Georgia Tech. Once here, they discovered that the academic rigor and leading-edge science research they’ve heard so much about is true – and demands their best. Some found Tech overwhelming at times, but all succeeded

Whether their journey started in Georgia, in another state, or in another country, our graduates discovered something else in the heart of Atlanta: the Tech experience, which involves forming new and lasting friendships, stretching out of their comfort zones, becoming part of the Georgia Tech family, and more.

Meet six graduating students from the College of Sciences. Headed in various directions, each feels well-prepared for the next step in their professional life because of their Georgia Tech education. Georgia Tech helped them achieve their goals and join a larger community, one that values friendship and collaboration, as well as scholarship.

Congratulations, Spring 2019 graduates! We can't wait to see what comes next for you!


image of Mathilda Avirett-Mackenzie

Mathilda Avirett-Mackenzie

Atlanta Girls’ School, Atlanta, Georgia

B.S. in Physics, B.S. in Mathematics

Meet Mathilda Avirett-Mackenzie


image of Caroline Dalluge

Caroline Dalluge

Alpharetta High School, Alpharetta, Georgia

B.S. in Psychology

Meet Caroline Dalluge


image of bryson_kagy

Bryson Kagy

Milton High School, Milton, Georgia

B.S. in Mathematics, B.S. in Physics

Meet Bryson Kagy




Image of elma kajtaz

Elma Kajtaz

B.S. University of Sarajevo, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ph.D. in Quantitative Biosciences, with minor in Electrophysiology

Elma Kajtaz

image of sophie kay

Sophie Kay

B.A. in Psychology, The College of New Jersey

M.S. in Psychology, Georgia Tech

Ph.D. in Psychology (Industrial-Organizational Psychology)

Meet Sophie Kay

image of Hunter Vallejos

Hunter Vallejos

Oak Ridge High School, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

B.S. in Mathematics

Meet Hunter Vallejos