Student Athletes in the College of Sciences

Science majors as athletes

February 19, 2019

By Mallory Rosten, Communications Assistant

It takes a lot to be an athlete at Georgia Tech: perseverance, discipline, and a craving for challenge. An athlete spends every day practicing and gives up many weekends to compete. Coupled with the demanding coursework at Tech, the choice to be a student-athlete is daunting.

It takes an extraordinary kind of student to be an athlete. These four students stand out not just in their respective sports, but also in their academics and commitment to their communities.

They love their sports for different reasons. Some enjoy the bond with their teammates while others thrive solo. Some have always loved their sport, while others fell into it accidentally or even reluctantly.

But they’re all athletes because they’re driven to excel. They relish the obstacles in their path. And they never stop pushing themselves to be better.

Meet four science majors who are succeeding as both students and athletes:

We’re very proud of our student athletes, and we can’t wait to see what they achieve next.



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