When People Age and Memory Fails: ScienceMatters Episode 8, Starring Audrey Duarte

What is known, and unknown, about memory loss with age

October 8, 2018

Episode 8 of ScienceMatters' Season 1 stars Audrey Duarte.  Listen to the podcast here and read the transcript here.

Audrey Duarte is an associate professor in the School of Psychology and the principal investigator of the Memory and Aging Lab.

Because memory is key to who we are and how we react to situations, Duarte and her fellow researchers are trying to figure out how memory fails as we get older. A failing memory can be a sign of serious disease such as Alzheimer’s, but it can also impact otherwise healthy, aging adults.

What exactly causes those memory failures? Can they be prevented by cognitive activities, just as physical exercise helps maintain muscular and cardiovascular fitness? Could this research be applied to new ways of educating students, particularly those on the autism scale?

Those are the questions Duarte is trying to answer, as she explains in Episode 8.

Take a listen at sciencematters.gatech.edu.

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