Erica Edwards

Current GT student - B.S. in Neuroscience waitlist for change of major

Change of Major Request

Current GT undergraduates only

Please carefully review the B.S. in Neuroscience curriculum before completing the following form.

If you enrolled at GT in spring semester 2017 or earlier, you should be able to complete the degree in an additional three years of study (i.e., graduation in spring 2020). Most of the credits that you have earned will likely transfer into the new program of study.

Applications will be reviewed and approvals to change major will be granted by the end of the semester. Space is limited, so early application is encouraged.

Complete the form below to apply to change your major to B.S. in Neuroscience.

Jeffrey A. Leddy

B.S. in Physics 1978

Plamen Tassev

Timothy E. "Tim" Waller

Retired as President and CEO, Questics LLC



Charles F. Touchton

W. Clayton "Clay" Sparrow Jr.

Thomas R. Saylor

Founder and Director, Arecor Limited

Michael J. Rooney, MD

Former Member, Georgia Tech Alumni Association Board of Trustees

Retired as Eye, Nose, and Throat Surgeon, Barranco Clinic, Fla.

Brett L. Richmond

Retired as Vice President and General Manager, Freescale Semiconductors



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