H. Wade Barnes Jr., MD

Member, Georgia Tech School of Biology Advisory Board

Managing Partner - Division I, North Florida OB-GYN

Medical Director, Sexual Assault Forensic Exam program for Duval, Nassau, and Baker Counties, Florida

Graduate Programs

Kathy Sims

A. Maureen Rouhi

Greg Huey

Howard M. Weiss

Pablo Laguna

Pablo Laguna is the Chair of the School of Physics at Georgia Tech. Dr. Laguna arrived at Georgia Tech in August 2008, when he founded the Center for Relativistic Astrophysics. He was the Director from 2008-2013. He earned his PhD at the University of Texas at Austin. After postdocs in Texas, Drexel and Los Alamos National Lab, he became faculty at the Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics at Penn State. Dr. Laguna's research interests focus on numerical relativity and computational astrophysics.

Prasad Tetali

M.G. Finn

Terry W. Snell


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